How to make moving house seamless

    You’ve done the hard bit and found your dream home, you’ve completed the stressful negotiations and now it’s time to make the move.

    The last thing you need is, even more, stress, panic and chaos so we’ve put together some handy tips to make moving as simple as possible.

    Get in the professionals

    We know moving house can be expensive, so it’s easy to try to cut corners but one we don’t recommend you scrimp on is when it comes to the move itself.

    By all means, pack your clothes, nick nacks and smaller belongings but let the professionals move them from one home to the next and let them take care of the bigger and usually more expensive pieces of furniture.

    They know what they’re doing, they know how to lift without sustaining injury or damage to the property and they know how to pack a van – meaning you can relax and just look forward to unpacking the boxes at the other end.

    Although it might seem an unnecessary expense just think of the value you put on a stress-free move and everything arriving at the new destination in one piece – and if it doesn’t at least your insured and it won’t lead to a family fall-out.

    Plan, plan and plan again

    Before moving day finally comes round it’s worth one final visit to your new house, armed with notepads and a tape measure.

    If you can mentally prepare how you want each room to look and where each piece of furniture will go, it will save lots of time and effort in the long run.

    So when the removal men bring the furniture in it can be immediately deposited in the right place, allowing everything to take shape quickly.

    You also need to label every box and plan your packing so everything for the kitchen is left in the kitchen and you aren’t finding random things all over the place for weeks to come.


    Moving house is the perfect time to declutter, after all it is a new start so why fill a new house with things you didn’t really want at the old one?

    We’re all guilty of hoarding things, whether it’s pictures that no longer hang on the walls, or clothes and toys the children have grown out of and you can’t bear to give away – or those clothes in your wardrobe which you’re sure you’ll fit back in one day or will come back into fashion.

    Sometimes you have to be ruthless. Why not donate children’s clothes and toys to help others? And if you’ve not worn clothes for 12 months then get rid – giving you space in your wardrobe and an excuse to treat yourself.

    Make a list

    With all the effort and energy focussed on moving from one home to another and getting all the furniture there with you, there are some all-important things that shouldn’t be forgotten.

    Redirecting mail, taking last readings of meters and making sure all the fixtures and fittings you agreed to leave are all intact.

    Most importantly is leaving all window keys, garage keys and any remote control access out for the new occupiers.

    Keep the essentials close

    There’s nothing worse when you’re moving than sitting waiting for the removal truck to arrive so you can find the kettle for a hot drink, or having to root through boxes to find cutlery so make sure you pack the essentials separately so you don’t have to do without.

    It’s always worth packing some toiletries too so you don’t have to unpack any boxes in a rush if you don’t want to.

    Things to include

    • Kettle
    • Mugs
    • Cutlery
    • Tea/Coffee/sugar and milk
    • Soft drinks
    • Plates (paper preferably so there are less breakages)
    • Toothbrush & toothpaste
    • Nightwear

    It’s worth keeping this box with you, so it’s close to hand whenever you might need it.

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